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sunnuntai 13. toukokuuta 2012


katseestasi elän
kosketuksesta kuolen
vaan kosketuksetta
ei elämää ole
ja silloin






pelkkää ilmaa


koko maailma



aina mielessä



päin helvettiä.

As shadows

As shadows is my miserable life's autumn
Slowly fading away 
It can not wait the winter
I can travel through the lands of my dreams
Be just a breath
Which bends your stem
Come now (haa-aa)
Come now (haa-aa)
Come now, soon will the water rise to conquer
And take us along
Unending grey night is flowing
Goes beyond the field
We let it carry us along
You can travel through the lands of your dreams
Be the breath
Which bends your stem
Winds are tearing
Rain is lashing
Winds are tearing
Storm is ripping  from roots

(Original text: "Varjoina" by JP Leppäluoto)

lauantai 12. toukokuuta 2012

I am burning

He writes the last sentence
And rests for a while
Words will come to an end
Or they will repeat themselves
He oversees the silence
while wishing in his mind
Come, I miss you
So much that I am burning
The morning gets a weakening voice
like from underground
And needlessly was the old wanderer
left to wait for it
He is wishing for silence
Cherishing the memories in his mind

(Original text: "Palavana" by JP Leppäluoto)

Splinters of heaven

Splinters of heaven
Have split my fingers
From those tatters
Have the last words dripped
Just like the shadow follows
They command the weak
I will rise again
And chain my soul

(Original text: "Taivaan pirstaleet" by JP Leppäluoto)


Will it be snowing then, when you are coming quietly to the room
I'm not ready yet
And every moment, your heart is beating like the last beats
So wanders
So wanders
He through the unknown
Will it be raining or have the leaves fallen from trees already
You're not ready yet
And with every step the fear is eating you

(Original text: "Sataa" by JP Leppäluoto)


 Heaven forbid, what a man can get in his head
When taking away power from himself
The power will sweep him along
He has turned his knife
Twisted it in his brother, cut the relationships in half
And with fear of death he cursed the pain on his knees
Big foreign land, where mind is travelling
When not having a fear of dark, not even fear of death
Heaven forbid...
Morning won't come, neither will night
A day won't eat fear without saying a word

(Original text: "Veli" by JP Leppäluoto)


My yearning is listening
Winds from childhood's region
Flickering to my skin
From the timeless mornings
Embroidering lines of gold
My roots are sprouting again
And I will grow slowly
I'll make my soul from pieces
With very fragile sound would the splinters of my heart ring
Silent like night, but with strong beats
With very beautiful sound would the splinters of my heart ring
Save me when I have the need to get
The sceptre of dark side
Come when I have biggest need to hurt
And I will slowly grow

 (Original text: "Palasia" by JP Leppäluoto)

perjantai 11. toukokuuta 2012

No hate

I feel no hate,  that's why I am afraid
That time didn't make us return
It takes all from us, gives only little
And that little can't be helped to last long
Once more the echo of your footsteps
Is ringing faintly before the grey
The word is so big that it makes me feel scared
Never scared of you
It is harder to tolerate pain
 But I'll choose the hardest one

(Original text: "Ei viha" by JP Leppäluoto)

Lingering river

Be the lingering river, go and wander under the curved sky
Be the weakening wind and my bridge to impossible
With the strikes of wings, moment by moment to out of reach
I hear your voice or at least I imagine how the whisper is still ringing
You weren't far, only a land that stays in my dreams 
With the strikes of wings, moment by moment to out of reach
Tonight I'll stay awake again, when the land quiets down to escort the wanderer
I am the weakening wind and I will make the bridge to impossible

(Original text: "Viipyvä virta" by JP Leppäluoto)

torstai 10. toukokuuta 2012

Do you hear

Do you hear, how my heart is fighting
All the longing weakens it
And that's the way it is, the night
I wished for is coming
You are writing about your wonderland once more
How it makes you glow
That is what I wished for
And so you were a dream, like I suspected
You were a wish without hope
The wind is whipping the spiritless in my soul
Half of me is something else that I was looking for
I am only shadow
And so you were a dream, like I suspected
You were a wish without hope
The light of mind is crumbling

(Original text: "Kuuletko" by JP Leppäluoto)

How can we

You spin silver thread, like remembrance of me
And then my head is ringing, it rings
I loved the mornings, whose freezing feeling awoke me to be careful
This can't go on like this
How can we let it go like this
When  life is coming to us for the last time
How can we, how will we survive
You are but don't exist, like shadow without longing
You are immortal
You the unknown
chilly mornings are faltering, I'll list best of them
There's not enough to make a book
Not even a sentence.

(Original text: "Kuinka me voimme" by JP Leppäluoto)

keskiviikko 9. toukokuuta 2012

Too dark

Morning closes the last wanderer
Under its veil
Frosty mind drips its longing
But won't notice. Like this we'll die
Life's fairytale's sound is
More fragile than I remembered
Child is set alone to too dark road
The way of sorrows will be changed
Autumn will grow into poor man's mind
Falling on his way
Happiness will wilt if not seeked, not missed
Finally he sighs, as long as we'll die
Life's fairytale's sound is
More fragile than I remembered
Child is set alone to too dark road
Fumbling step after another
Secretly guiding to safety 
You are the light in my meadow
Which I could touch
The way of sorrows will be changed
Autumn will grow into poor man's mind
Falling on his way

(Original text: "Liian pimeä" by JP Leppäluoto)

tiistai 8. toukokuuta 2012


The shadows are taking us quietly
To the haven of dreams
You are silent, though you know
That storm will return
Heaven, it showed us
The signs of hell
Man is resting
On the only piece of bark
She'll be silent beneath the waves
Whispering a word from her lips
Quiet, like a dead chord
Carefully whispering
Her only hymn
Known by everyone
She rises one more time
Above the waves
Whisper goes above the clouds
One more time
And reaches my hand

(Original text: "Alla" by JP Leppäluoto)

I am sinking

Wind, blow quietly on your toes
Blow when the sun is rising
I will wait and become silent
To melancholy in your glance
Every moment is escaping
Every moment is taking away the light
I'm going to miss you
You knew the shady waters
Without your light I'll disappear
And sink into whirl
I let the wind turn off,
Cool the flame
That I watched waiting
Adoring the light
So long I had to wait
Drop my last leaf
I drank death to my thirst
To the last sad drop

(Original text: "Vajoan" by JP Leppäluoto)

maanantai 7. toukokuuta 2012

Singing from their hideouts


The time is languishing heavily as your servant

Love as my burden, lap maybe burning

How can I forbid and be disappointed again

I'll get my strenght from the river of betrayal

And the devils are singing from their hideouts

Singing the song of betrayed

It tears with its rhymes

Pagans are beating rythm to soul

And morning awaits

Stream of dark land is taking me along

Shaking me, shredding meat from the bones

I do not dare to tell how does my soul sound like

 The only whole one, my God created

And the devils are singing from their hideouts


(Original text: "Piiloistaan laulaa" by JP Leppäluoto)